My father Luciano Barisano started the disposal company over seventy years ago. In the 1930s he began working for junkyards in Newton located on West Street and on a piece of property that would later become Kennedy Circle. There, they would dismantle old cars and the parts would be sold or scrapped.

With a growing family to support he decided to get his own dump truck and start his own disposal business. He would drive his truck through the neighborhoods of Newton and call out to the houses, “Rags, newspapers”. Residents would bring out their old clothes (called rags) in burlap bags, and bundles of newspapers for my father to buy from them by the pound. The rags and newspapers were then sold to a company in Cambridge that recycled everything into cardboard boxes and paper products.

After World War II the business shifted into cleaning out attics, basements, garages, yards and other odd jobs. In the 1970’s my brother and I started working with my father, and learned from him many of the same skills that he learned forty years earlier from his bosses. He taught us how to pack a truck as tight as a sardine can and stack it sky high so we could make fewer trips to the dump. Today, house clean-outs are our specialty. We are prompt and courteous when working with our clients and we take pride in leaving our jobs swept clean. We are proud to continue the family business and believe with over seventy years of experience we can provide the best service for our customers.